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Vaccinations voyages et metis alerte zika

Vaccination & Travel

Whatever your destination, some vaccines may be compulsory or simply recommended.

Centre de recherche sur la longevité

Longevity Research Center

A project of Institut Pasteur de Lille: explore our research objectives on ageing and the prospects of a better future.

Santé publique et maladies neuro-dégénérative chez le senior

Your health, Our concern

Young people, Seniors, Travellers, General public or Patients?
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Biotechs & partenariats industriels

Biotechs & Industriual Partnership

At Institut Pasteur de Lille, biotechnology businesses commercialise analysis and diagnostic products throughout the world.

Nos expertises

Our Expertise

Health prevention and education, Nutrition, Microbiology and toxicology: Look at our several qualified services