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The Institut Pasteur de Lille has an international medical research center on its campus divided into eight units, with multidisciplinary and transversal skills. 

Join us to be part of our project, and contribute to the scientific discoveries of tomorrow.

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Recruitment : our scientific job offers

Since its creation in 1894, Institut Pasteur de Lille is founded on the following core values: Science at the service of human progress, scientific excellence and a service that is oriented towards public health. Our foundation, which is a recognised non-profit organisation, has always been involved in research on frequently occurring pathologies in our region, particularly infectious diseases like tuberculosis.
Currently, our teams of researchers are working on frequently occurring pathologies : infectious, inflammatory, chronic or acute diseases, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular illnesses, obesity, etc.
Our foundation is also interested in the scientific education of young people, the environment and is creating the code of conduct and quality guidelines provided below.

Candidates should apply by sending a CV addressed to HR ( with the relevant position as a subject. 
Their CV should detail their publication list and summerize their research experience and interests. We would appreciate to receive contact information for 3 referees.

Post-Doc in medical chemistry – M/W

Fixed term contract –  Full time
Ref : 21.03C01

Drugs and molecules for Living Systems– U1177 – Inserm-Institut Pasteur de Lille –Université de Lille – Lille, France

The research team Drugs and Molecules for Living Systems, (INSERM, Institut Pasteur de Lille and University of Lille), specialized in drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, screening and pharmacokinetics ( is offering a 18-month postdoc position.

The candidate will be recruited by The Institut Pasteur de Lille in our laboratory that gathers chemists and biologists to design new drugs in an inspiring and stimulating environment.

Post-Doc in Microbiology – H/F

Fixed term contract – Full time
Ref : 21.02C05

Within the development of a novel team « European Institute for Emerging Antibiotic Resistance «  under the responsability of Prof Patrice Nordmann, you will work in deciphering  novel emerging antibiotic resistance mechanisms in Gram negatives and developping novel tests for their rapid identification.

Professional equality index

In accordance with the law of September 5, 2018 on “the freedom to choose one’s professional future”, specified by a decree of January 8, 2019, the Institut Pasteur de Lille obtains the score of :

  • 94/100 on the gender equality index for the year 2018
  • 98/100 on the gender equality index for the year 2019
  • 99/100 on the gender equality index for the year 2020
    • Remuneration gap indicator: 39
    • Rate of increase deviation indicator: 20
    • Promotion rate gap indicator: 15
    • Maternity leave return indicator: not calculable
    • High pay indicator: 10