The organization of Institut Pasteur de Lille

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Institut Pasteur de Lille sees to the compliance with the foundation's fundamental values and statutes. The board defines the organisation's strategy, its business model, and controls the implementation by the managing director.
It is made up of:

Founding members:

Those who approached Louis Pasteur in 1894 in order to find a solution to the epidemics that were prevalent in the Nord département: the city of Lille, the départements of the Nord and the Pas-de-Calais,

Subsequently joined by the départements of the Somme, the Aisne and the Ardennes,

And more recently, the regional Council of the Nord Pas-de-Calais and the Lille Métropole Communauté Urbaine (Lille city council)


Scientific members

They take part in ensuring that the foundation's actions are consistent with its mission and they include the director of the Institut Pasteur of Paris, the director of the ARS, the chancellor of the Academy of Lille and the chairman of Lille University 2.

People from various horizons

Given their administrative, business, legal, financial, industrial or commercial skills, they are chosen for their ability to understand the issues facing the foundation.

They include the Prefect of the Nord département, the managing director of the University Hospital, the chairman of the regional chamber of notaries and the chairman of the Nord Pas-de-Calais employers' association.

The chairman of the board, assisted by a liaison committee, assists the managing director between the meetings of the board of directors. For more information, please consult the articles of association.

The General Management

In accordance with the wishes of Louis Pasteur, the managing director must be a scientist. He manages the teams of the foundation responsible for the smooth running of the Institute and the fulfillment of its mission. He provides the link with the board of directors and coordinates the operations in compliance with the ethical and scientific code of conduct of the mission of the foundation. He is supported on a daily basis by the general secretary and a board of directors He may appoint specific advisers-project managers

The Strategic Committee for Research

The purpose of this committee, chaired by the managing director, is to define the scientific strategic guidelines of Institut Pasteur de Lille in compliance with the mission that it proposes to the board directors. Its composition of certified mixed units guarantees the excellence of the research conducted by the foundation.

Its members are the directors of the mixed research units:

Dr Camille Locht, director of the Centre for Infection and Immunity of Lille (INSERM, CNRS, Lille University);

Prof Philippe Amouyel (Inserm, Lille University): Public health and molecular epidemiology of age-related diseases

Prof Benoit Deprez (Inserm, Lille University): biostructure and discovery of medicines;

Prof Philippe Froguel (CNRS, Lille University): genomics and molecular physiology of metabolic illnesses;

Dr Yvan de Launoit (CNRS, Lille University): Institute of Biology of Lille dedicated to cancer);

Prof Bart Staels (INSERM, Lille University): nuclear receptors and cardiovascular diseases:

The permanent guests at the Scientific Council

Dr Jacques Richir, vice-chairman of the board of directors

Prof Patrick Berche, managing director

Dr Fabienne Jean, administrative director of research

The strategic committee for health and the environment

This committee meets under the aegis of the managing director. It is made up of the managers of the toxicology and microbiological safety laboratories and the managers of the public health, prevention, vaccination and nutrition sectors.