Voluntary work

For many years now, Fernand D is always available whenever we need help. He is passionate about science and the history of our foundation and has worked all his career at Institut Pasteur de Lille.
At over 80 years old, he continues to devote his spare time and enthusiasm to serving our visitors: he is a passionate and engaging guide for our museum.

Jacqueline C. has time to spare and a qualification in communications. Currently retired, she shares the values and mission of our foundation and wants to share our scientific breakthroughs with every type of audience, young and old. She remains faithful to the Institute and you won't fail to miss her on the Pasteur-Lille stand at any of our events !

Volunteers provide invaluable support and contribute significantly to our mission.

You could also give a little of your time to Institut Pasteur de Lille, take part in an adventure with our teams and put your skills and time at the disposal of our foundation, in its relations with the general public. The needs we face are substantial and you could certainly play a part in helping us out, particularly in the area of translations or rewriting documents aimed at the general public.   Not only is your assistance invaluable, but it will also have positive repercussions for the general public. The approach to voluntary work will give you a new perspective on scientific research and the advances made by our researchers to ensure that everyone can live healthily for longer. Volunteers' charter at Institut Pasteur de Lille. Contact Institut Pasteur de Lille and together we can look at ways of working together with you:

Offers of traineeships and jobs

In order to reply to the offers or submit an unsolicited application, please submit a CV and covering letter at the following email address (specifying the reference of the job advertisement)

Le Recrutement à l'Institut pasteur de Lille